A has a special power. A is always put the top of the alphabet crowd. This fact is very meaningful in this Internet ages which a text searching method is widely spread. I think that why a text searching method is very spread is very easy, alternative methods are not more effective than it, but it is very difficult why A, what is A? English is not my mother language, therefore I feel these questions are more difficult, however I know A is also the top of the romaji, it means A is also top of the Hiragana. The root cause that A has special power like that is very difficult, so I’ll keep consideration of it on this blog with continuos studying.

At the end of this article, I tell the story that was taught by my professor.
In an competition, the judge who had no time and were very very busy, at first chose a only one part of ideas whose names were started with A from unduly large stack of ideas. Besides it, he chose the best idea in another 5 minutes from one part of ideas. This story taught me natural answer that the winnable idea must have lucky as well as distinct character.

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