TOYOTA the biggest company in Japan is now facing fierce criticisms for their problem of recall. I think the mean of this news is not only Japan bashing by America but also a symbol of a crisis of Japanese industry. There are two reasons I think so.
1. What is the difference between made in Japan and made in Korea?
2. The statement by American representative in this video (From FNN news), “the reliabilities of made in Japan were collapsed.”
These days I can’t tell the difference between what made in Japan and what made in Korea. In the past, Japanese capability of technology was the top of the world, but now that it is only illusion. There is almost no distinction in common technology of developed countries. Therefore, they sold cars with their old glory and capital strength. However, the bland was collapsed in the largest market. They will face hardship, but it will wait all Japanese company.
From now, Japan will have to make what only Japan can make. Only design can do it. It will lead technology and make strategies and tactics for making it better.

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