Ansei Purge was one of the big turning point of Japanese history. Japan was at the center of maelstrom at that time, so there were many character involved this event and the detailed story was very complicated. Then, I stretch this story with selfish thought, the essence of this purge can be divided into two pieces. One is heirless problem and the other is harsh repression. The heirless problem that was the start of the series of events seems to be very Japanese one. There was a gray eminence behind the Shogun, not talent but the origins and the collusion decided a throne, they are still existing in Heisei era. In the repression conducted by Naosuke Ii, Sanai Hashimoto, Shoin Yoshida and other decent persons are killed or jailed. It was great loss of Japan. Since his state power was so strong and selfish, the restoration patriots resisted his politic, and after a year they killed him. I estimate Ii had a strong leadership but he couldn’t see through the future, therefore he is very unpopular.

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