I’m in PES Design Lab. at KAIST and studying my research. PES means Product & Environment System. This lab is led by Prof. Kim Myung-Suk.Their research interest was Environment system design, but now focus on Robot Design.
My research interest is not Robot Design but Healthcare system, so they are different.
However, Robot has important key for the Healthcare system in the future. It’s because the major part of the problems in it is caused by shortage of healthcare worker. From now, in the not-so-distant future, Robot will come in our life and become imperative existence especially in care welfare field. They can get a job that many people avoid to get in care welfare field.
Robot must be designed carefully because it has possibility to direct next generation. Robot has many aspects, kinds & characters, therefore, researching interaction between human and robot is very important but very difficult. Now I’m thinking deeply the future of care robot, how I associate with my research and robot & the need of it.
KAISTではインダストリアルデザイン学科のPES Design Lab.という研究室にお世話になっています。PESとはProduct & Environment System の意味ですが、現在研究室ではロボットデザインに主に取り組んでいます。

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