My force lifts up ball!

Do you know a Brain-Machine Interface? Simply that is a device to control machine like cars and computers by our brain wave.
I experienced that at TEDxKAIST. I wore a device like a headphone and concentrated on a ball inside cylinder (please look at above picture.), “Move! Move!” Then it started move, it was similar to Force of Star Wars.
Actually, a Brain-Machine Interface is not so new things. That concept was made for a long time ago and consumer products were sold a while ago, but it was still impracticable so we couldn’t find it. There was long line wanted to experience it, it shows its rareness and popularity.
Sometime a Brain-Machine Interface is called a dream product. Someone said, “it will replace every interface.”
However, I didn’t think so after I experienced it. It didn’t depend on current lowness of brain wave measurement. I thought Brain-Machine Interface is not suited to some products essentially.

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