Ondol is the name of underfloor heating system using in Korean Peninsula. I guess many Japanese studied it on Junior high school’s history class, it means it’s famous in Japan.
I heard that it used smoke from furnace in the past, and now they’re keeping that system by using pipe with hot water because they can’t use that smoke thanks to modernized and verticalized buildings.
For people who have a custom to take off their shoes at an entrance, ondol is really good system. For example, I really thanked it when I got in a restaurant from really cold outside.
However, especially for a bedroom it seems to not match to me. It always keeps every room warm all together so I can’t control its degree. Therefore, I sweated much everyday during sleeping even if I sleep on  my bed. It makes me tired.
Now I’m thinking the real cause of this. I assume that it depends on differences between each characteristics came from differences of climate and traditional buildings. Ondol seemed to come to Japan at Asuka Era, it’s really long time ago, at that time techniques from Korean Peninsula was reall important. However, ondol couldn’t get popular in Japan. I think it shows my reason ( I can’t become to like ondol so much. )
Tatami is the best for Japanese.

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