A famous blogger mentioned that every member should have leadership on her blog. I don’t think her example is appropriate but I agree with her total statement.
I think leadership is not a skill for only people who stand at the forefront. Not only a team leader but also team members can exercise their own leadership. I’m thinking leadership is a skill to lead a team,  an organization or a project to victory, success or development. In order to lead a group to its object, members’ each role are always different. It’s because members’ strong points are different and they have an aptitude for each roles.
I studied this concept when I was playing soccer in my high school team. I was a vice captain of the team though, there were skillful members who suit for that position. They knew soccer, had technique, physical abilities and leadership more than me. However, for our team I was better for a flagperson than others. I’m thinking leadership might be a supreme loyalty to a group.

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