James Dyson awardにおいて僕が所属する研究室で応募した作品が1次審査を突破しました!
Our work passed the initial screening of James Dyson Award!

This competition is held by famous Dyson who established Dyson company, cyclone cleaner company, to discover and encourage problem solver. The theme of the competition is very simple. “Design something that solves a daily problem.”

Our solution to the problem is “Design System for Tuberculosis Testing“.

I guess, main part of the reader of this blog might think, “Tuberculosis is a missing disease.” or “Tuberculosis Testing is not a daily problem.”.

However, they’re wrong. For human being on the earth, tuberculosis is never a missing disease and indaily problem. Around 2 million people are dying by tuberculosis annually and it have killed many people every year everywhere.

You may know the dailiness of the tuberculosis when you can understand your richness.

We design this system in order to solve the problem. We think our work can be first step of the solution.

Testing kit is always very important for all infection diseases to prevent infection spread. However, it requires sophisticated knowledge and complicated procedure, so currently it is not easily-use product. Therefore, we believe our future needs new product which can be used with enough knowledge and easy steps.

Here, we are waiting for your vote! I don’t know how much impact to the judgement, but I want you to do so. It will be my happiness. Thank you!

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