As my Twitter followers know, I open my weight on Twitter. Well, recently I tweet about my weight only. It effects my behavior a little. If it’s getting up it’s opened in an instant, so I came to take care my weigh more than before. Therefore, these tweets can naturally control my eating habits, because my scale automatically open my weight by using my twitter account. Activity using social networking like this scale will increase unbelievably. How we use it, that’s the problem.
Obesity is harmful for health, so how to stop becoming fat? It’s a problem. In an extreme case, people can stop becoming fat if people stop eating, but it can cause another health problem like nutritional deficiency. Therefore, in order to lose weight healthfully, people must live a healthy life, it means everyday people should eat a frugal meal like hospital food. It’s harmful for your mind, doesn’t it? I think we need more natural method to live healthy.
I thought up an idea from yesterday’s article, becoming fatter is similar to drug. In other words, people start to become fat with a little heart and gradually they can’t stop falling overweight for flash pleasure, and finally dreadful results are waiting after a long lazy time. Of course the dreadfulness of that result is different from drug’s real severe result at all, but that’s why many people became obesity. However, obesity has been come to known as cause of various serious illness. 
“If you become fatter, you’ll wanna eat more.”
Noritaka Hara
At first, I strongly deny I’m overweight. However, I can hear sounds of obesity’s footstep. I must control my weight adequately. By my side, my room mate stated simple logic. Once people welter in lust, it’s hard to come back. 
Chunichi Doragons, a Japanese baseball team, general manager announced that chief coach will be fired. That chief coach, his name is Ochiai is one of baseball genius (I don’t know baseball so much though I can understand he is genius or not.), so his achievement in his career is amazing and his achievement as a coach is also amazing. Therefore, it’s a crazy thing, considering his result. I guess he and players in his team couldn’t accept that fact, so they tried to say fuck to general manager by achieving result, and they won the championship of Japanese Baseball central league. They’re great.
As I said previous post, I think young generation have a destiny to get robbed by older generation. There are many reasons triggering that and unequal and deceitful pension system is the major factor of that. We need to adopt several drastic policies to solve this problem. One of my idea is changing election system. Now single seat electoral districts is divided by geographical boundaries. It has been the most important factor making discriminative gap, but now that generation gap is as important as geographical difference. Therefore, candidates should be elected as a opinion leader of generation. It means that candidates are elected by their age. It’s a delusional dream but already we need it.
Now young new yorkers are fighting on the Wall Street. Their demonstration is spreading all over the world. Japanese famous blogger mentioned about this demonstration here, I don’t agree with his idea about what they advocate, but I agree with his idea about Japanese inequality. The most unequal difference in Japan is generation gap. This gap related with pension, employment and education, I think.
Unfortunately, we Japanese people must help this fucking system exploiting future generation. Compulsion is because this system was for the war effort, so people couldn’t refuse. When we became 20 years old, we are pushed to participate. Thus they gathered money from a large amount of people, so the budget of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare was enormous. They that had not had financial base got financial flexibility with this money and they started to waste money spectacularly. For example, they made many resort facilities with haphazard planning and that facilities couldn’t earn money, so they sold them unbelievable low price. There are more waste, I won’t write down their details but they are awful too. Who can follow this ministry’s imposition in this situation.
Honestly speaking, Japan’s pension system was destined to collapse from the very beginning. It’s because that’s clearly so called ponzi scheme. Japanese Social Insurance Agency is gathering insurance money from people by never realizing proposal. They made basic policy of the Japanese Social insurance based on Japan’s growing rate at that time. Then, Japan was on the boom times, so it was monstrous number. I think they must know it, but they started to gather money by attractive plan. Now all developed countries are facing low birthrate problem. We can’t keep this system anymore.