Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare submitted three proposal about pension system. Now Japan is on the way of rising in pension eligibility age to 65years old, but considering Japan’s current financial condition it’s hard and slow. Then they proposed (1)every two years to rise pension eligibility age (2)to rise it till 68 years old (3)to execute both proposal.
As same as other countries, Japan is facing financial crisis, and the major cause of it is, I think, pension system. Japan is one of the most aged society, but still pension system is giving much preferential treatment to older people.  Therefore, this is natural consequence of the present situation. We should think this problem for the future generation.
That Japanese government’s decision will seems to cost 100 trillion yen. Can you believe it? That amount of money is easily over Japanese national budget.
Why this kind of things happen is easy, people can’t trust invisible things. Obviously we can’t see radioactive materials because it’s too small to see. It also doesn’t have any smell, color and taste.
Currently scientific consensus is saying that difference of dangerousness between 20mSv/year and 1mSv/year doesn’t have statistical significance. If it had, 20mSv/year risk of cancer would be 1.0128times as much as normal, 1mSv/year risk of cancer would be 1.00064times as much as normal. It means the most dangerous point of nuclear decontamination is to threaten people’s peace of mind.
Newspaper announced that Japanese government decided to broaden out geographical areas of nuclear decontamination. This decision has a lot of meaning. At first area that air dose rate is over 20mSv/year was target of decontamination but new limit is over 1mSv/year, it’s unbelievable number. It’s because even in Osaka where didn’t have any trouble related with terrible earthquake in Tohoku area, air dose rate is over 1mSv/year.
Apple knows importance of fusion of hardware and software, so they keep on developing both of them at any cost. Honestly I don’t think Lion the newest Mac OS is good yet, but I know they’ll fix it. Therefore, I can use it with immovable heart. If they lost this confidence might be the time I would stop to buy new Apple’s product. I think an impact of Apple’s great loss can affect this point only, because Steve did never design and program.
New iOS for iPhone, iPad and iPod, iOS 5 will be launched soon. I believe that it will bring us more better user experience. I’m looking forward to it.
If one software is made for one hardware, it’s obvious that that hardware can maximize its performance. I reminded this simple but powerful discipline by reading an old blog post. This blog post introduced great experience of F1 Japan GP 2009 in Suzuka. Why I read this post is easy, I love Suzuka, my home town.
The author said that on a point of fusion between hardware and software Suzuka circuit owned by Honda completely overtake Fuji speedway owned by Toyota. He lined up good points of Suzuka especially in case of software, but Suzuka people never forget it lost the right to hold F1 Japan GP in 2007. The major reason of it was hardware, in case of circuit course Fuji speedway was better than Suzuka, so we had to be compelled to abandon the right. Therefore, both way are totally important.
This attitude shows their company’s character. Microsoft is pure software maker as shown by its name. They don’t think making hardware makes large amount of money. Google is standing on Internet, so google make their OS as a entrance of Internet. They don’t care about its form. Internet is ruled by Google. We have to ask Google our destination before moving on Internet. On the other hand, Apple is still making their own operation system. I think it’s for pursuing better user experience. It means Apple is making user experience.
Apple is a computer hardware maker that is making operation system for their own hardware. Other major OS maker like Microsoft and Google don’t make their own computer hardware. (Google made very simple black laptop but it was not for the public, so I don’t count it here.) Japanese consumer electronics companies naturally never make their own operation system. I know they customized their computer for windows softly but I don’t know they tried to make operation system.


A great person who I respect a lot passed away. Finally I couldn’t meet with him, but I used many products he produced. Through using those cool, intelligent, innovative & well designed products, I can imagine future world he’d like to create. He produced many progressive computer, they are really great, each of them is the master-piece in the Design history. However, I think his best product is Apple inc., a truly creative company. There are no doubt that apple is one of the most creative company ever. My professor also worked as a designer in Apple. Therefore, Apple is a perfect example for me.
I will buy his latest product, iPhone 4S. This S is not Super’s S, this is Steve’s S. It’s a kind of keepsake from him, it will impress me a lot as well as other Apple’s products.
Nevertheless those situations, I don’t deny the fact that these soldier supported 60’s Japan’s high economic growth. They made high quality and reasonable price products, thanks to them current Japan is here.
However, time are changing. Now we are facing a turning point of changing period, we have to throw away outdated practices right now. I think this old system don’t consider global economy, a current mainstream concept. There are no borders in business anymore, so companies need many people in different countries. It means they need to accept concept of values. 

Forth year (sometimes even third year) students can get 内定(Naitei, an informal appointment or informal job offer) before graduation.  It’s a kind of employment contract. Students are still students after getting an informal but it’s a promise to hire them after their graduation. It’s  because Japanese company hire a lot of recent college grads regardless of their abilities. Executives of those companies merely want amenable soldiers. After initial ceremony, they will try to educate airman basic to be a puppet of company.