Most impressive thing for me was largeness of campus in KAIST when I came here. I guess the total area of campus of Osaka University is the same or larger than KAIST, but area of campus per capita is completely different and the beauty of it too. I’ll show you the picture of campus in KAIST I took.
Main Gate
Landscape of Campus
Main Library
In case of Japan, the space of grass is very rare. I’ve never seen like that in Osaka University, but in KAIST I feel I’m going to picnic. If Osaka University has the grass area, it will start to make new building without thinking about harmony. However, in University in US, Canada, Arabia or Australia that have vast land, they might have more enormous campus because I know only some Japanese University and KAIST.

Campus in KAIST2 -KAISTのキャンパス2-

Campus in KAIST3 -KAISTのキャンパス3-

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