The third of KAIST Campus introduction is gymnasium. They have a incredible gym that was built 2 month ago. There are many seats for audience. The inside of it is very beautiful even more than appearance. I heard my friends, “the official basketball team of KAIST is very strong, isn’t it?”, they clearly said “No.” It means that this building was established for student’s fun. Of course, I know it’s not the entire reason at all. However, from my eyes it is used for student’s fun only.
Appearance of gymnasium
From other side
Inside of the gym
I think this gym is good for student. It’s because students can sport spontaneously and release their stress freely. Human can feel the quality of the building.

Campus in KAIST1 -KAISTのキャンパス1-

Campus in KAIST2 -KAISTのキャンパス2-

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