Now I’m in KAIST at Daejeon in Korea for studying abroad.
KAIST is the Korean National University specialized in pure science and engineering.
Some Japanese people don’t know this University at all. Good Korean University means only Seoul University for them. However, I think KAIST is better in their field like MIT.
There are many reasons, at first students are good. Almost all Korean students passed through special way for the smartest students in Korea. And it has many brilliant foreign students. They are wide variety and the number of them is high but I haven’t seen another Japanese.
Incentives are also good. All Ph.D course students are separated from military obligation. It ranks with medal in Olympic game. Considering the rareness and difficulty of getting medal, you can estimate what I want to say.
It has a industrial design department. I especially recognize the fact. KAIST is the University for pure science and engineering but it has design section. It means the top of this university know the importance of design, it’s completely different from my university. It doesn’t have superstar design professor(there are many star professors) but it has design. Our university has superstar design professor but it doesn’t know design. It’s important thing. From now Design will lead everything.







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