On Tuesday, id KAIST had final presentation party of master course students. 
I felt some differences of that party between Japan(Osaka Univ.) and Korea(KAIST).
•Students don’t wear formal suit in Korea.
There are no rule but Japanese read an atmosphere and wear formal suit mechanically.
On the other hand, Korean gave their presentation with casual clothes.
Now I remember, at an academic conference, my friend gave his presentation with casual wear.
•It was  homey situation in Korea.
There were some snacks and drinks in the hall, they seemed to be able to eat that freely.
However, professor’s comments are severe and sharp in both countries.
•Professors seemed to evaluate not students’ presentations but total thesis.
It depends on individual but all of Korean professors had student’s thesis and often checked it.
In Japan, students have to prepare a summary document and professors check it.
Considering above three things, I thought it is like a final ceremony by students in Japan and differently it is like a final lecture by a professors. I don’t want to comment which way is better, the important thing is researching process and they carried it out, especially the last spurt was terrible. 
Anyway, congrats everyone!

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