Today, when one week passed after North Korea attacked South Korea, the situation is changing.
I guess that it avoided the worst situation and will stop by China’s intervention. 
However, we are still in the knife-edge situation.
One of the differences between Japan and Korea that I thought when came here is things about the Military. Korean young guys have to participate national military Japanese don’t have to do that. It is a well-known fact but I’m always surprised this. I seriously think Japanese have to have a interest. Then they will detect a lot of things.
I always think Asia have to corporate more for our economic and cultural growth. If we can corporate like EU, we can improve tremendously, still we have possibility to grow up. Unfortunately we had too much historical and complicated problems to corporate friendly. This negative legacy of the Cold War is the major part of the problem.
I can state that we can’t grow up without solving this problem, it can say to not only Asia but also the world. I want to solve this problem like untangling a string, gradually but steadily. 







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