Aero Generation
They are not that famous group in Korea and Japan, as you know^^. I thought Girls Generation made a new song when I saw this at the first time. They are KAIST students seem to belong to the Division of Aerospace Engineering. 
This is an advertisement to recruit freshman. In KAIST, students enter the university without major and after studying basic course one year, they choose their own major by themselves.
In recruiting time each department wants brilliant student as much as possible, so they attract students with this kind of advertisements, it is a little bit old for KAIST students though. I guess this ad affected students because there are few girls in KAIST. I couldn’t discriminate the Girls from the Aero.
At that time there was very large fabric banner, unfortunately I couldn’t take a photo. I was surprised at their dedication. I guess it took much cost. In my university, we can’t see department’s or laboratory’s dedication for new students. This fact may show the quality of education.
彼女達は韓国と日本で大活躍しているあのグループではありません。僕は完全に新しいシングルを出したんだと思っていましたが 笑





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