Do you know Oharagi?
It’s special sweets in my hometown Suzuka. Suzuka is famous for F1 racing, but I guess every one doesn’t know Oharagi.
However, my siblings were raised with this sweets. It’s because our grand father’s younger brother make this sweets. There are only four shop selling Oharagi, he is the master of one of them.
Therefore, I like it very much and I bring Oharagi as a gift many times for introducing my hometown and my kin, but regrettably I won’t be able to do that any more. He said he can’t keep on making it. He is enough old so it’s natural thing, though I want him to keep it.
He was a farmer’s son so he didn’t have much money. Nevertheless he established his shop by himself and he let his two kids(they are cousin of my father) do what they wanted to do, and he will close his shop.
I respect him and his frontier spirit from the heart, and I have to keep that kind of spirit inside of my mind.

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