On the article I wrote on 12th Feb., I talked about the Korean President, so I want to write differences between Japanese Prime minister and Korean President and my thought.
Japanese Prime minister is the representative of government because Japanese emperor is a token head of the state. On the other hand Korean President is real head of the state chosen by people’s direct vote. Therefore their power are different in many aspects.
They run different countries which has different histories, cultures, lands, systems even problems. Therefore, I know comparing is no meaning but I can’t help feeling Japanese Prime minister are inferior to Korean President in only point of leadership.
I have to say, surely there were many great leaders in Japan but recently it is regrettable thing but people of small caliber became Prime minister.
“Who is the best President?” people can answer this question in Korea. However, in Japan “Who is the best Prime minister?” people can’t answer I think. It’s because they don’t know the name and what they did and more importantly they don’t have interests to politics.
I really love Japan, never hate. Always I realized Japanese good points during this studying abroad. If Japan had a good leader, Japan could be more good.

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