Japanese traffic rule and Korean rule is different. The most different point is direction of movement. Automobiles with steering wheel on the right side keep left in Japan, and they with steering wheel on the left side keep right in Korea.
There are many rumors about direction of movement, but no one knows exact reason. 
One rumor said in past Japan, there are many samurais having Japanese sword on their left side. In order to avoid hitting Japanese sword and Japanese sword, they walked left side, because Japanese sword was their soul. However, I wonder this rumor because at that time there were no automobile. I think a rumor saying  Japanese government followed England rules when they introduced cars to Japanese people is more believable.
On the other hand, Korean cars kept left for a period of time when Japan occupied their land. However, they started to introduce new rule cars keep right under effect of America.
In current situation, many cars in the globe keep right.






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