Today, I had a presentation of Prof. Kawasaki’s class.

However, I couldn’t finish what I had wanted to make, so I gave a presentation with incomplete product. I guess, you can obviously figure out that my presentation was bad, and in fact my presentation couldn’t convey the message to audience.
My teacher said “To make a product is to see yourself on a mirror.” It means, my facade is a man who can not keep to time. Looking back on my these days, unfortunately it is correct. I couldn’t be punctual to an private appointment with my friend recently, so at first, I will fix up these habits and change my life little by little.
Besides above story, I was asked to gave a presentation in English on this class by professor, so I tried to speak English, it was too bad. I have to study English more hard.
P.S. Now I want to tackle this assignment and accomplish, although the presentation was over. Therefore, I will show you the product if I can make it. Please check this out!

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