My Professor wrote about Tokyo Tribunal on his blog. When I read this, I really felt that I didn’t know Japanese history enough. Since I was science course student in my high school, I didn’t take a course of Japanese history. When I look back now, it was tragedy for me because in junior high school, the time that the teacher of social studies dealt with modern Japanese history was very very short nonetheless the time that he dealt with early people was long. However, I felt a little bit of sympathy to him because I guess that it is very difficult to teach what has complexity and many different aspects.
Tokyo Tribunal just has a lot of different aspects. My study of it have not finished, so I can’t say my complete conclusion but now I have two opinions. First, a problem that it is right or wrong is different from a problem that it is strong or weak or it was won or lost. Second, the logic of this incident had many incomplete points, so we have to redefine this tribunal and people who was judged at this tribunal with individual justice and commonsense at that time, and follow the definition with no ambiguity.

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