Today I had a Prof.Kawasaki‘s lecture. In this lecture, I studied “CONCEPT” from him. Although I have used the word “CONCEPT” easily until then, it had been only harebrained act. He stated what is concept with simple words, but I felt it was profound message.
He explained that “CONCEPT” is consist of five element, Simile, Comparison, Resemblance, Analogy and Metaphor. These elements can change into factors if they involve time axis, then “CONCEPT” can be expressed.
Above painting was introduced as a masterpiece that express its “CONCEPT“. This painting that had been painted by Velazquez in mid of 16th century is wonderful at the point of expressing what he had wanted to express with five elements even more than excellent composition and very good painting skills. I couldn’t understand the meanings when I looked first, but I can feel its wonderfulness a little after professor’s explanation.
Although I could understand important thing in this lecture, it is different from mastering “CONCEPT“. Therefore, I have to train me in this point. At first, I will brush up my work for this class based on this lecture.

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