In Japan, there is a universal public pension insurance system extending to all citizens. I think this is like socialism, but it’s very wonderful system. The right to get appropriate medical care is very important for every human being. It is close to the right to life. Please check our activity Peace-Keeping Design, PKD projects aim to protect this right of every human in the world.
By the way, are you reading Prof.Kawasaki’s blog? This blog are advising us to run away from capitalism. It is because it had been collapsed, I saw the affection of this collapse at the hospital I visited yesterday. It means the universal insurance system is collapsing. There are many patients with terminal cancer, they are bound to their bed. It is because it prevents them from falling out their bed, but it suggests the lack of nurse. This never indicate that nurses are lazy, nurses in this hospital are very very hard worker. I mean it indicate not the lack of nurse but the increase of patients. As a result, nurses are wearing out. In fact, the existing system can’t last any longer. This is very difficult problem… be continued.

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