We can find out beauty in nature, historic landmark, art and music.
A constant ratio exists there.
From time immemorial, people have been calling it “GOLDEN RATIO”.
When you cut off a segment whose length is given by x
from a segment of the unit length,
the ratio of the unit length to x is equal
to the ratio of x to remain.
The ratio is 1.618033988… : 1.
This is the GOLDEN RATIO.
These sentences are abstracted from this page.
The golden ratio is thought fundament of beauty, therefore I learned this ratio early in the day of my design learning. Many people know the golden ratio is good balance, however we don’t know why it is. Ancient human beings had understood this from their experiences. It means this ratio seems to be programmed in our DNA. From this expectation, I can extract the relationship between science and beauty. i guess, this is the reason artists have to study science and also scientists have to study art.
I think, science don’t need rigorous accuracy because environmental conditions are always changing. However, it doesn’t have a chance for designer, because they need very precise drawing. In this case, this iPhone application will help you. This will guide you the abyss of nature and you can think real beauty. Don’t miss it!!

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