Thanks to my environment, I have many international friends. From France, China, Korea, America, Netherlands, Germany and etc., they are from variety of countries.
Today, a Syrian person visited our lab, he is a student of Prof.Kawasaki’s class. He has a distinct backgrounds that he was born in London, was grew in Syria, worked in Denmark and studied in France. Besides after working some years he started to study graphic design and worked as a graphic designer, and moreover after that he started to study Architecture in Japan. We are the same grade but he was older than me. However, he talk very frankly, so we could become a friend each other.
When I talk with them, always I think that they are very open-mind and they have international knowledge and experience. My professor said to us, “One of the important thing for our life is to store the mind with knowledge.” Therefore, I think to go abroad has meaning for life. In addition to this, I think to devote oneself is very important, so now I must follow Prof.Kawasaki and study everything from him.

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