I checked this blog. The author said that old people are working as a part-timer after their retirement. They have income from annual pension, so they don’t need much pay, and moreover, they worked for company for about 40 years, so they are trained and suitable to society. Therefore, the author concluded young people can’t work anymore.
The idea of the author is correct in some aspects, but I think it has some wrong points. It is because the author is premised on the unwarranted delusion that it will last long, but Japanese annuity system will be collapsed in the near future regrettably due to the aging society with a falling birthrate. Besides, young people will be rare anytime soon. My idea is that polarization of poor career people and rich career people will come. Rich career people can work long with good deal but poor career people can work only as a construction worker. According to my idea, Japanese government must make education platform and hiring policy.

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