To catch up is easier than to overcome. Therefore, Japan could catch up with advanced economies in 1960s. However, Japan have never overcome them.
Japan stands at crossroad now. There are decreasing of finance and population, and competitive power is getting low. The new leader of Japan is merely speaking like a bird and don’t have strong leader ship, so we can’t believe him deeply. For these reasons, new generation must become stronger than now and we need following things.
・Enrich the country, strengthen the people.
(It means never military! I think Japanese have to get mental strength.)
・Lead the nuclear arms reduction.
(Japan, the victim of nuclear only can state its horribleness, so it is mission for Japan)
・Brush up the Made in Japan.
(Recently made in Japan has no mean, because almost Japanese companies imitate Apple, Amazon and Google. New generation have to make something new. )
I think we should do above three things and become a respected country. If we can’t do that, we will probably be slave nation of other countries.

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