He is Ryoma Sakamoto, also known as the most popular hero of Japanese history. The largeness of his popularity can be known from the fact that the drama of his life broadcast again and again, now on NHK his story is broadcasting. He is believed he was the miracle politician in Japan. However, I don’t think so because of following two reasons. First his character that we very know was created by Ryotaro Shiba a famous novelist. And second, he didn’t have many achievement. There were many great persons in Japan at that time because the era was tumultuous time. I think his achievement was small compared with other persons, it was only establishing the alliance between Satsuma and Choshu. He was killed early without fulfilling his life ambition, so he could not do any other thing.
However, I respect him because it was true that he fought for future of Japan at the risk of his life. He seemed to be very strong with his sword, he was a real samurai. On the other hand he had a gun made by Smith & Wesson, in fact he was smart enough to absorb other country’s culture. I must learn many thing from him.

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