Today I met and talked with two professors. One is the president of Osaka University and the other is not special one. First I asked the president about a fault of Center for the Study of Communication-Design which Osaka University built some years before. It had a good anticipation for success from many people but it couldn’t get a result they expected. I think the fault was caused by misdirection of the president because he didn’t assign our Professor of the older chairman of Good Design award as a director of the center. I wanted only easy explanation about the reason he dislike our Prof. However, he faltered to say clear things and at last he said like that “I can’t do almost things, so I want young students to make something.”
On the other hand, I met to thank one professor I owe a lot. When I gave appreciative words to him, he simply said like that “I didn’t nothing. You do everything.”, he did many messy works for selfish me though.
I felt the dignity of the professor from this episode regardless their position.

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