In Japan, to work is considered virtue. Therefore, NEET (It is coined term from Not in Employment, Education or Training) are looked down by many people, even if they want to work but they can’t work because of sickness of their hearts.
On the other hand, there are people to live like NEET’s life with respects. I think they like daytrader are nearly equal to NEET, but they have annual income based on their gamble and they pay income tax so they are acknowledged full-fledged. Are they really working ? What is to work?
My Professor gave us easy answer. In Japanese to work is “はたらく”, it can be separated はた and らく. Therefore, はたらく means “はたをラクにする” in English, はた means people around the one like family or other important persons for the one and らくmeans comfort so to work means make people around the one comfort. Surely it may have a aspect of self-satisfied thing but I think it get essence of working.

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