After that, the studying place was transforming. At first, it involved living places for indigent people and next a hive of studying activity transferred to that place little by little. It’s because they could study and discuss deeply till all hours there. When they completely fused together, they started to take some functions of town their inside. However, there were no words to distinguish the area of universities from the area of other town at this time. After the time passed, universities cross the Atlantic ocean from Europe to America.  The first university in America Harvard university established at outskirts of Boston city, at that time the ground for this university called “campus”, and this word was generalized for all universities’ ground.
I think from this story of the origin of the campus, campus should be the place for students to study and discuss front-line things without worrying about money and their student life. The largeness of the campus is unconcerned to the essence of it.
In KAIST, there are many dormitories inside of their campus, unfortunately my dorm is not inside and far from it but they run a bus every hour for students who live in my dorm Hwa-am dormitory. However, Osaka University doesn’t have enough dormitory. They have residential district near the campus, but its cost is expensive for normal students.

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