I’ll write down my impression about the presentation of master course students.
Status of the presentation was the followings.
・Purpose : Final presentation
・Time : 12 minutes presentation and 5 minutes question and answer
・Place : 100 inch screen and a little bit bright and it was uncontrollable.
・Object : Professors and Students (About 20 people)

I thought there were two things can be improved.

One is size and amount of words and the other is speed of presentation. They had to explain a lot of things because it was final presentation. Therefore, they couldn’t help prepare many slides and there were many small characters on them. That was what made slides hard to see. Moreover, according to amount of slides and limited time, their presentation was too fast.

I thought sentence must be shown in one line and size of character should be larger, and moreover slow talk is better for presentation. The purpose of a presentation is to persuade object to make them accept it. Therefore, it is needless to show what a lot of work I did. The important things are to focus on important topics and to make object understand them by giving enough information.

I learned these things from my professor Kazuo Kawasaki. His presentation is always awesome. Please listen it, you can understand what I mean. Recently new DVD was released. That contains his way of making presentation. If you want to improve your presentation, I think you should check it.

本記事では韓国はid KAISTでの修論発表会についての感想を書いていきたいと思います。






その川崎先生のKeynoteによるプレゼンテーションの作成方法が映像教材(Keynote Magic 川崎 和男 至高のプレゼンテクニック)となって発売されました。プレゼンテーションの腕を磨きたい人は必見です!

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