Meter Design of pulse oximeter
I challenged an assignment of Prof.Kawasaki’s class. Some students gave their presentation on the class but I couldn’t do so I post it on my blog.
The content of this assignment was that to design a meter which can show two different element.
I designed a meter of pulse oximeter. It can measure oxygen saturation of arterial blood and heart rate at the same time by using infrared light. Many current meters of pulse oximeters shows raw data by using numbers. I think it is unclear for patients who don’t have knowledge about medical.
Then, I aimed in this design that patients can understand both of SpO2(oxygen of saturation) and HR(heart rate) sensuously. Meter color changes by conditions of SpO2 and meter scales change by condition of HR. HR has 8 degrees and SpO2 has 5 degrees, because HR is more popular and understandable information than SpO2. The reason that the degree of HR starts from three is to disappear HR is impossible for living human.
Moreover, I designed, this meter can be seen if displaying device is small. It’s because I guess medical devices will become more small and more accessible to us.

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