Chopstick is common eating utensil for east or east south Asia. Especially, only Japanese to use chopstick without spoon normally.
Compared with Korea, there is another difference. Many Japanese chopsticks are made of wood and lacquered, or plastics, but all Korean chopsticks are made of stainless, I have never seen chopstick made of  other material at restaurant yet. Moreover, Korean people don’t know why Korean chopsticks are made of stainless. 
They use stainless spoon and bowls too. I guess, stainless is really friendly for them as eating utensil since early times, and there are no reason to change them into other materials, so why are stainless utensils friendly for them? (I think there are few countries to use stainless utensils.)
I heard two rumors about it. One is that past royal family in Korea use silver utensils to check poison because silver is reactive substance. The other is that past Korean people use metal utensils as a durable one because there were many wars in Korea so people had to move area to area. I think truth is made of many reasons, but observing unnatural thing for some people which is natural thing for some people is really interesting.

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