eBoy Fix Pix

eboy Fix Pix is one kind of puzzle game. You can feel new interface with this game. iPad and iPhone contains acceleration sensor, this game use it as a controller of pieces of puzzle. In this game, we use all pieces of puzzle at the same time with tilting or tipping iPad or iPhone.
Pictures are made by eBoy. eBoy is a pixel art group founded 1997. They are famous for making detailed dot pictures. You can understand that by above picture.
The pop pixel art made by eBoy makes us fun. I think playing this game will let us feel we are making these pictures. If you want to make pixel art, please try this!
eboy Fix PixはiPad、iPhoneの特性を活かした新感覚のパズルゲームです。このゲームではiPadやiPhoneが持つ加速度センサーを使ってパズルのピースを扱います。このゲームでは全てのピースをiPadやiPhoneを傾けることによって動かします。

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