As you know there is specific alphabet in Korea, that’s called Hangeul. It’s really constitutively systematic. It is phonogram and it has rule to make a character, that rule is just systematic and easy to understand.

On the other hand, Japanese has hiragana and katakana. Both of them are also phonogram but they don’t have rule.  If you want to read them, you have to remember 50 characters, some of them are similar but some of them are different. For Japanese they are too familiar to know the distinguishing point, but for foreigner they are totally different from their language’s alphabet and, I guess, it’s really difficult to learn.
In case of Hangeul, it has strict rule and according to the rule, we can make every sound of Korean language unlike Japanese or English. There are 19 consonant and 21 vowel in Korean language it means there are 399 characters (if we include pacchim more characters exist). Compared with hiragana and katakana, it seemed too much. However, I who am foreigner in Korea can learn Hangeul in only two days. I could understand why they are proud of Hangeul. Regrettably, the pronunciation of Korean language are still difficult though.

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