For Japanese pronunciation of Korean language is really difficult unlike with Hangeul. I think there are two reasons. One is variety of pronunciation of Korean language, and the other is lack of pronunciation of Japanese language.
There are many variety of pronunciation in Korean language. This variety makes me confuse always. Especially the sound of [-n], [-m] and [-ng] is a good example. They are a little bit similar to Japanese but they have a distinct difference in Korean language. I can manage to listen them if Korean teacher carefully pronounce. However, I can’t understand that difference in Korean real conversation. For me too similar to make out. It means Japanese language can’t express Korean language at all.
However, now I’m thinking another reason, though surely there are less pronunciation in Japanese, compared with Korean. It’s natural thing because they are different language. I guess the real problem is that I translate all other language into Japanese inside my mind after all. It seems a problem of Japanese language education.

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