Brain-Machine Interface surely can be a dream product for patients with paralysis. It’s because it can be connect brain and body parts that became paralysis without injured nerve. It’s too difficult for current medical technology, I guess. Moreover, using way like “Surrogates” has also wonderful possibilities.
However, it is not good way for action to float up a ball, despite it is not technically complicated task like human body movement.
The most important thing is the function of body. If capability of Brain-Machine Interface will go up in the future, a tangible movement of body will be able to become easy, but an intangible action people haven’t experienced will be in chaos.
Actually I needed to spin a fan under cylinder to lift up the ball, but I couldn’t understand how to think “Spin a fan!”, for example, thinking sentences or imaging a fan and imaging spinning fan. Neither way are good enough. It’s a little bit vague, my words also vague though. I’m thinking interfaces that suit  to human body or human thinking are essentially important for human.
However, the power of science has a possibility to overcome these things.

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