Photogene for iPad

Photogene for iPad is one kind of App like photoshop. I think this App is iPad’s photoshop. Compared with PC’s photoshop, it doesn’t have high functionality. (Actually on iTunes App store, there is real photoshop made by Adobe, but it’s express version so I think this App is better.) 
However, it’s enough for iPad. From the beginning PC’s photoshop is too complicated for beginner because of its high functionality. Real photoshop takes a time and needs skill to control. On the other hand, photogene designed to focus on important function for controlling by touch interface so that beginner can use it lightly.
If iPad2 have a camera following rumor, the value of this App will increase considerably.
Photogene for iPad はいわゆる写真加工アプリです。iPad上でPhotoshopみたいなことができるPhotoshopほど高機能ではありませんが。

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