Korean people often eat ramen at convenience store. In other words, they often eat cup noodle. It’s because there are few restaurant selling ramen in Korea, and restaurant’s ramen are also instant noodle.
In convenience stores, there is a space for eating a cup noodle. People can eat cup noodle only there. In Japan, we can pour hot water to cup ramen but we can’t eat it there.
Therefore, Korean amount of consumption per capita seems to be the highest in the world. I was surprised that Korean amount is over Japanese amount of consumption per capita. It’s because I feel Japanese cap noodles are really better than Korean ones.
There are many kinds of Korean cup noodles but I can’t understand their differences, moreover Korean cup noodles contain nothing except soup and noodles. Always I’m taken in package picture. I felt sympathy to their habit but contents are not good. Therefore, I want to introduce Japanese ramen restaurant and cup noodles to them.

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