I went to my family home last weekend and setup my father’s windows 7.
I told him that he should  buy iMac again and again but he bought win computer. He can’t setup his own computer so he always asked others (recently others means me) to setup it, but he didn’t listen my advice.
Totally I can’t understand his thinking because I’m heavy apple user, as you know. It was useless to convince him to use it. He was stubborn. At that time I realized it’s similar to religion. After realization I stopped complaining and started setting up his computer.
However, I couldn’t finish it due to time limit. It was really annoying for me accustomed to Mac OS. In case of Mac OS, I don’t need time and description paper, I need only some clicks. On the other hand, in case of windows I need time and tolerance with thick description book.
I don’t want to criticize windows at all (I know windows’ a few good points and some apple’s bad points),  but they should make senseful computer for beginners. Still computers are only for geeks.

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