Do you know “salesforce”? If you are IT department people or Toyota related company’s businessman, maybe you know it.
It’s a symbolic company for cloud computing service, and appexchange is the marketplace of salesforce’s cloud computing service. Today I participated its conference.
Participants are really many, I guess it’s over 300 people. They are IT department people, CEOs of small sized companies, sales department people or office workers, I felt they wanted to catch the current tide. An air of excitement in conference room directly shows power of salesforce. Just from outside, everyone can easily estimate organizer’s scale of economy.
On the other hand, small software venders of appexchange had a presentation booth and enthusiastically introduce their application that is working on salesforce’s cloud in conference. Their presentation was banal and not interesting.
It’s just like MacAppstore for Apple. There are many applications but most of them are useless and meaningless. However, salesforce don’t take care about it. It’s because for them only competitions on their platform have meaning. Today I realized platform has strong power in Information society.

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