If I wanna train myself, everything has to be done by me, essentially others can’t help anything.
Professors always advise, suggest, direct and mentor me, but I have to notice it by myself. I was taught it by my full respect professors.
As you know?, I am a chief coach of elementary school’s soccer club, my team has over 70 members. Simple disciplines and simple words I always try to give them, my team’s teaching way is really kind, I think, but conclusively they have to realize that they have to find themselves. It’s similar situation with this. (It shows that still I’m on the way to go further.)

This time I did one mistake. I said one, I researched till three and I did till seven. I thought it was enough, because I was so busy with lots of works. However it was not enough at all. My professor call for hundred on me.
At first, I thought it’s a crazy task, but now I look back it, he is absolutely right. Human is born tired, the lazy DNA try to skip hard work. Near goal make people more slow, small object make people more small. If I want to be a leader, I must overcome it. Luckily I have great back that I must follow and overcome.  I’ll keep try.

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