It means presentation skills are totally different.
I think there are two types of leaders. One is the first prosecutor the other is the largest visionist. Prosecutor is like a soccer team’s captain who shows his back to his teammates. Visionist is like a soccer team’s coach who decides everything and instead of that he or she has all responsibility. From this discussion I thought, for becoming visionist presentation skills are one of the most important skill. Leaders must make people obey his or her words. If two leaders are saying different opinion, judgement point is only presentation.
Their presentation slides are both too bad, but Masayoshi Son’s talking skill more than made up for it. It needs quick mind and mental speed because situation is always changing. Knowledge can help but essentially the most important point is habituation to that kinds of situation. Yoshito Hori was looked so nervous but Masayoshi Son was looked having confident.
I thought of ideas in order to get that kinds of skill. We will try to practice and show presentation again and again. My conclusion finally shows common things. However it’s important. for getting presentation skills and becoming new generation’s leader we must train hard over and over.

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