I watched discussion about Japanese energy policy on Friday. It gave me a thinking about what is important point for leaders.
Participants are Masayoshi Son, the CEO of Softbank and Yoshito Hori the president of globis. They talked on twitter to have a long enthusiastic discussion about Japanese energy policy, many follower took notice about it. It’s because Masayoshi Son said that he started a solar panel generation of electricity business for abandoning nuclear power generation. There are no problem that a rich man starts his own business, but there are a lot of arguments for and against. I think this fact demonstrate two things, the high level of Japanese people’s interest about energy policy and a doubt about solar panel generation. The better person than Yoshito Hori to have a discussion about Japanese energy policy may exist but others couldn’t say adverse opinion to abandoning nuclear power generation. Yoshito Hori stated openly and squarely his own opinion that agree to nuclear power generation, in this point he is really allegiance and honesty. However, he is strong leader of the most famous MBA school in Japan, so he had capacity to identify Japanese leader himself enough. In case of Masayoshi Son, we don’t need to identify him a Japan’s leader because it’s too much clear.
I was looking for this two leader’s conversation because I have interest about Japanese energy policy. In addition to that, I’m against to Masayoshi Son’s idea, so I wanted Yoshito Hori beat him with straight logic. It was regret but it never happened because of difference of qualities as a leader….

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