I’m really interested in diabetes disease because my grand parents is suffering from many complication probably due to that. Moreover my father too. It may show I have possibilities that I’ll be able to get that disease in my future genetically because my looks like my father than my mother.
Even if above story depends on only my unnecessary feelings of fear, the fear of diabetes disease never changes. It can be connect to the three major causes of death easily. However, people can hardly understand its dangerousness. It’s because it depends on daily habit or lifestyle. People can’t change it easily, if they know it’s bad to health.
In case of me, I can’t make my sleeping time more long, if I know short sleeping is bad to me. I have to do a lot of things, I need more time in one day, so I can’t help it from my all mind. Everyone thinks so. Their all habit can’t be helped by them.

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