Diabetes disease usually forms a hotbed of obesity. Actually obesity is one of dangerous situation. Obesity is the risk factor of heart disease and cerebral stroke directly. These two diseases are three major causes of death in Japan. The first cause of death in Japan is, as you know, cancer. Obesity is said to be the risk factor of cancer.
However, some people can’t stop becoming fat, I think it’s because it depends on their daily lifestyle as I said on other articles. To change daily things is really difficult, if it’s not there are no diet books in the world. It’s similar to writing a blog post everyday. Writing one post is not difficult but if it accumulate it must be difficult.
I’m estimating that there are more fat people than now in the future, because foods get delicious and oily, and societies get matured so people don’t need to be worried about their foods. I heard that low-income class people are fatter than high income class people in US. It’s clearly thanks to the vast fast food industry.
Therefore, we need a method not to get fat, because I think everyone wants to be smart. (in Japanese smart means slim, I think it shows something.)

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