There is one weird rule among Ph.D candidates. It’s like this they must submit some papers to international journal, take peer review and they must have some published papers before getting a degree. Maybe you can’t understand its weirdness. The weirdness of this rule is everyone knows this rule but everyone doesn’t know its detail.
Someone said they need to have three published paper on international journal, it’s the most hardest one to clear, and another person said they need to have two published paper on any journal and one international oral presentation.
I think its essence is to get objectivity. Honestly speaking, Ph.D degree is given by one subject professor, but it must be confirmed by university. However they can’t understand edge research on other major field. So, they farmed out judging to professional journal. In other words, the difference of the details of the rule is depend on individual thinking on the guarantee of objectivity. I was freaked out by this rule, my mind was cleared.

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