“The role of leader is to convey sensuous things by words.”
Shiro Nakamura
I read his book about car design, this words are written in it. He is a CCO(Chief Creative Officer) of NISSAN Motor. At the first of this book, he declared he is a designer who don’t make idea sketch. It means that if he makes idea sketches he can try to actualize it because he is a leader of design section. He believes that an idea integrating many designer’s thought and passion is better than his own idea. Therefore, he throw himself into the role as a leader who lead about 800 designers.
He said that roles of leader is similar to roles of orchestra’s conductors. Conductors don’t play instruments, but they make a beautiful sounds by organizing each sounds of instruments. I hear someone said that the orchestra sounds are totally different if a conductor is different. Conductor tells his feeling to orchestra at practice time, and he makes his own melody by doing so. I want to be a leader, that words affected me a lot.

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