Design System for Tuberculosis Testing

Design Work for Dyson Award 2010

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■Not a missing disease.

・Tuberculosis is a worldwide disease, which kills 3 million people every year.

・In Asian and African developing countries, it’s a serious problem.

・There are many children infected with tuberculosis.

■Disease management

・Diagnosing more patients is important for tuberculosis control.

・In developing countries, the rate of diagnosing is still low and it’s barrier of disease management.

・Quick, simple and inexpensive method is needed.

■Drug selection

・There’re 2 kinds of antituberculosis drug.

・Ineffective drug selection makes drug resistance strengthened.

・Correct selection by DNA identification is significant.



■Quick test

・Traditional tuberculosis test needed more than 1month.

・This kit can be direct detection from sputum of a examinee by PCR method.

・It shortened testing time, it takes only 5hours.

■Simplified process

・DNA detection needed much knowledge about its procedure.

・This kit simplifies the processes by dissolution and reconstruction them.

・Even the first-time user can easily use it.

■Inexpensive kit

・Inexpensive kit is important for using in developing countries.

・Miniaturization of the kit can reduce the shipping expense.

・Simplification of the kit can reduce the staff costs.



■Personal identification

・We prepared personal identification tag not to mistake other subjects.

・We designed this kit to classify the subjects by 12 colors.

・The tag and test stick are the same color.

■Lowering the cost

・We’re conscious of the transfer and production costs.

・The kit fitting into A5 paper size can examine 12 subjects.

・We reduced mold tools for this kit.

■Simplification of inspection process

・We designed an instinctive test kit.

・It can be conducted by only 6 steps.

・Inspector can use it following the order of package.